We are a brand produced synthetic wood products under the operation of Polymer Master Co., Ltd. which was initialed from the concept of “Forest Conservation” With such a noble concept, naturalness and modernity are perfectly blended together to meet all certain requirements. We have applied modern technology as well as the invention and development to achieve high-performance synthetic wood from a quality combination of authentic wood and plastic.
With this technology, synthetic wood under the brand TREE CONCEPT is the most similar to authentic wood and is extremely durable, resistant to sunlight and all-weather conditions. It is not easily cracked or chipped as well as corroding. Moreover, there is no problem with termites eating wood. It can be easily installed without additional paintwork requires.

However, TREE CONCEPT has extended its concept to environmentally and globally conscious design. Therefore, products under the brand TREE CONCEPT emphasize naturalness and customer requirements as a key operational part.



TREE CONCEPT is a real expert in synthetic wood. We specifically design and create synthetic wood for all types of residential, building, and real estate. In this regard, TREE CONCEPT would like to offer a wide range of synthetic wood products such as ceilings, interior-to-exterior walls, floors, outdoor, lathes, shading, or other modified woodworks that are standardized by our highly skilled craftsmen. You can be sure that customers will be impressed after the installation is complete.

Additionally, synthetic wood can be easily installed and formed by highly experienced craftsmen. Our synthetic wood panels are waterproof, termite-proof, do not require additional painting, non-rusting, undeformed and recyclable.